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Some books we can recommend ...
Horseshoe Bats of the World  
by G.Csorba, P.Ujhelyi & N.Thomas
The first comprehensive review of the genus Rhinolophus. It covers the phylogeny, biogeography and taxonomy of horseshoe bats as well as giving detailed accounts of the 70 different species. Extensively illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams and some colour photographs.
Publisher Alana Books, size 297 x 210mm, pages 192, format paperback
ISBN 0953604918

Price: £50.00

available directly from the publisher: Alana Books
Microchiropteran bats: Action plan  
Hutson, A. M., S. P. Mickleburgh, and P. A. Racey. 2001.
Microchiropteran bats: global status, survey and conservation action plan. Blackwell Science, Oxford. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, and Cambridge.

The new Microchiropteran Bats Action Plan is available for you to download in pdf format from the Chiroptera Specialist Group web site!

downloadable from here
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Die Hufeisennasen Europas. Rhinolophidae.  

von Wilfried Schober
Preis: DM 39,90 / EUR 20,40 / ca. CHF. 29,00

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von Jürgen Gebhard (www.fledermaus.ch)
Preis: DM 76,00 / EUR 38,86 / ca. CHF 55,16)

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Walker's Bats of the World
by Ronald M. Nowak
price: ca. 20$

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von Björn Siemers und Dietmar Nill
Preis: DM 25,90 / EUR 13,24 / CHF ca. 19,00

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