>You are involved in conservation research of horseshoe bats? And you do not figure on this list?
>We are pleased to welcome your contributions. Please send an email.
email addresses of correspondents of the network
Austria (A)  
Guido Reiter
Germany (D)  
Bayern: Dr. Andreas Zahn
Sachsen: Dr. Ulrich Zöphel
Sachsen-Anhalt: Bernd Ohlendorf
Thüringen: Martin Biedermann & Hartmut Geiger

Ireland (IRL)  
Sinead Biggane  
Italy (I)  
Dino Scaravelli
Dr. Danilo Russo
Poland (PL)  
Dr. Tomasz Kokurewicz  
United Kingdom (UK)
Wales: Dr. Henry Schofield
England: Dr. Roger Ransome
Switzerland (CH)
Fabio Bontadina
Grison: Miriam Lutz
Obwalden: Alex Theiler
Berner Oberland: Dr. Peter E. Zingg
Berner Mittelland: Toni Fankhauser

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